10 Secrets to French Girl Style

10 Secrets to French Girl Style

If you've hung around this site awhile, you probably know that I am enamored with all things French.  From their skincare products to their minimalist makeup to their effortlessly chic wardrobe.  If you're curious as to how French women always manage to look so stylish, you're in luck! In this blog post, I'll let you in on 10 secrets of French girl style that I've learned so you can up your fashion game.

French Girl Fashion Style

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  1. Quality Over Quantity: French women understand that when it comes to clothing, quality always trumps quantity. Rather than filling a closet with fast fashion pieces, they opt for timeless, high-quality basics that will last for years.
  2. Invest in Classics: French girls stick to classic, timeless pieces like blazers, trench coats, cashmere sweaters and silk blouses that never go out of style.
  3. Mix High and Low: The French are great at mixing high-end pieces with low-cost items. This helps them create a look that is stylish yet affordable.  Along this same line is to mix soft and structured.  A silk blouse with jeans or flowy trousers with a blazer.
  4. Personalize Your Look: Don't just follow the trends - create your own unique looks. This can involve adding a statement piece like a silk scarf or a bold piece of jewelry.
  5. Wear Red Lipstick: Red lipstick is a staple in the French girl's makeup bag. It adds a touch of glamour to any outfit.  My favorites are this one and the very popular Mac Ruby Woo.  Try just smudging it on your lips then adding a lip balm on top - this goes with their "not too perfect" vibe.
  6. Embrace Neutrals: French girls know that quality neutrals are the evergreen pieces to keep in their wardrobe. They often opt for neutrals like white, cream or black for an effortlessly stylish look. 
  7. Layer, Layer, Layer: Layering is a key part of French girl style. A simple white t-shirt can be transformed with the addition of a blazer, scarf, and gold pendant necklace.
  8. Add Minimalist Jewelry: French women know how to accessorize. They often add simple pieces like gold hoops or a pendant necklace to their outfits.
  9. Wear Flats: French women rarely wear heels. Instead, they opt for chic flats like ballet flats, loafers or sneakers.  They'll also wear low chunky heeled slingbacks or sandals.
  10. Be Confident: Confidence is key when it comes to French girl style. They , wear the style, they don't let the style wear them.  They know how to pull off their look with grace and poise.

There you have it—10 secrets of French girl style that you can use to revamp your wardrobe. So go ahead, give it a try and start embracing your inner Parisian!

If you've been wanting to curate a French inspired wardrobe, take a look at this post.  Also check out the Resource Library for FREE printables that will help you curate your dream closet.  


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