The 3 Word Method to Find Your Style

The 3 Word Method to Find Your Style

If you haven't heard of the 3 word method, it was created by Allison Bornstein, a fashion stylist.  Simply, it's a way to find your own personal style by narrowing it down to 3 adjectives.  This method is an easy way to kickstart your journey to finding the perfect style for you.

First, you'll want to evaluate your current closet.  If you were wanting to do a closet cleanout, now is the perfect time.

Take out ALL of your clothes and sort into two piles.  A pile that represents you and a pile that no longer serves you.  (This is a topic for another post and I also have a resource to help you with this, more on that later)

Consider the colors you wear most. This will help you develop a wardrobe color palette that will allow for mixing & matching outfits with ease.

Also note what types of clothing you wear most.  Are they comfortable, trendy, classic, etc.  You are on your way to determining your 3 style words. 

Next, you may want to create a Style Inspiration board on Pinterest.  Pin to your board anything that catches your eye. Also look at magazines, blogs and social media for inspiration.  You'll see a pattern emerge and this will help you find your 3 words too.

My 3 words are minimalist, neutral, classic.  I very much favor French inspired styles and typically stick to neutrals with clean lines in soft, natural fabrics.  I may change these in the future so no worries if you can't decide on 3.

Once you know your 3 words, use them as a guideline for every piece you own or plan to purchase.  It can help you when deciding to keep or toss a current piece in your closet and also help when you are looking to add a new piece. 

The 3 Word Method is a great way to find your personal style so why not give it a try?

To help you along, I've created a free downloadable pdf to help you with your process.

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Love this method!

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