How I Source For You

How I Source For You

Perusing thrift & secondhand stores, vintage shops and estate sales is one of my favorite activities.  It's the thrill of the hunt, finding that one gem.  Discovering a beautifully designed piece at an affordable cost gives me all the feel good vibes. 

I've created my own completely thrifted wardrobe by scouring through hundreds of pieces of clothing.  I keep a fairly small closet but the pieces I've purchased secondhand will last much longer than if I ran to the mall to buy the latest trend in the cheapest brand.

I source every piece I offer in the shop the same as I did to curate my own closet.  I scour through hundreds of pieces of clothing on a sourcing trip.  If you've been to a thrift store, you've seen the sheer abundance of clothing.  I have 4 criteria I look for before an item makes it into my cart.

1.  Style - I look for timeless, classic style.  I do and don't follow fashion trends.  By this I mean, I stay up to date with what "they" say is trending but style is different from fashion.  Style is your own.  Fashion comes and goes and it seems to be at an accelerated rate lately.  I prefer to find pieces that withstand the changing of trends.  Simple lines, solid colored pieces and wardrobe basics.  Examples are: blazers, tees, button downs, sweaters, denim jeans, trench coats, etc.

2.  Quality Construction - you can tell a high quality piece by its construction.  Feel of the fabric is usually my first indicator of quality.  The stitching on quality clothing is even and consistent.  Buttons & zippers will be sturdy and firmly attached.  Also note the small details, ie. quality linings, coordinated trim, etc.

3. Natural Fabrics - I source "mostly" natural fabrics.  They may be blends but the majority of the items I offer have a high percentage (if not 100%) of natural fabrics.  I look for linen, wool, silk and cotton.  With shoes & handbags, I stick with preloved leather pieces.

4.  Condition - I look over a piece extensively while I source to check for damage.  If it's a light stain or pilling, I can remedy that once I get it home.  Sometimes I miss a flaw and will either a) disclose it when listing if it's not too noticeable or it doesn't affect wash/wear or b) re-donate it to the thrift (coats go to the local rescue mission as there is always a need for coats in this part of the country).

I also do pay attention to brands.  While I do not necessarily only rely on the brand name, I do know that some brands make higher quality pieces.  Some of my favorite brands to source are: J. Jill, Eileen Fisher, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew/Madewell, Banana Republic, Talbots, Loft, Everlane, Levi's, LL Bean, Theory, Poetry, Free People, some Anthropologie brands, and of course, many vintage labels.

You can feel confident knowing that the items you find in the Poetry & Pearl shop have gone through a diligent process to ensure that you are buying quality items at a fair and affordable price.  Happy shopping!

xo, julie

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